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"ere's something for everybody to do," Stephanie said. "Some people can only toast bread, some people can only do dishwashing." ese are not considered limitations, though, contributing to the cafe's name and overall philosophy. Stephanie said "We're all the same; some people might just need a little more time, or a little more help." Help is unconditionally provided by No Limits Cafe, especially as they plan to incorporate evening training for adults with intellectual disabilities who are not currently working. No Limits Cafe plans to support these adults, while simultaneously helping them to be independent and accept other job offers outside of the cafe. ere are ways, however, that people can get involved and support No Limits for all of the work that they do. Stephanie said, "Of course we always need donations... we run on donations, and all donations go back to the employees." People can also volunteer their time, and businesses can place large orders for office catering, which will widen the scope of No Limits Cafe's clientele. However, to Stephanie, "e best way that anyone can help us is that if you, or your employer, are hiring, hire someone with an intellectual disability." No Limits Cafe started out as nothing more than an idea, and has now received coverage in e New York Times, e Two River Times, and ABC News for its mission and its pivotal role in reducing unemployment for adults with intellectual disabilities. "We wanted to do something big that showed all of our community what people with intellectual disabilities are capable of, and we believe that every human has value," Cartier said. V U E N J . C O M 102

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