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BY BRIANNA ROBERTIELLO O ne of the best parts about springtime is the warmer weather and the outdoor activities that start to make a comeback. One activity that always brings people together? Sharing a meal and spending some time with the ones you love. Coyote Outdoor Living brings a new element to mealtime by bringing the kitchen outdoors. Coyote Outdoor Living has everything you need to have a spectacularly designed and efficient outdoor kitchen set-up. Opening up 10 years ago in Dallas, Texas, Coyote Outdoor has become a one-stop-shop for outdoor kitchens and stainless steel appliances. Inspired by a desire to give customers a premium stainless steel cooking experience at an affordable price, Coyote Outdoor Living is changing the grilling game. By assessing the outdoor appliance market for what consumers are looking for and what makes other brands succesful, Coyote Outdoor is able to develop high-quality products at an effective price point with longer warranties. By pulling together designers, landscapers, and architects, Coyote is able to detect the needs of customers and collaboratively figure out the best way to efficiently create the product. Their original goal was to present a robust grill line that meets the necessary market needs but Coyote ended up hitting all of the marks and not only creating grills, but also a line of doors, drawers and accessories that complement the grills. Recently, the researchers with Coyote Outdoor have seen an increased desire for electric grills in an urban marketplace, especially as a built-in appliance. The Outdoor Cooking Aficionados V U E N J .C O M 127

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