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P R O J E C T S Collec pallet Ask local small businesses if they'd be willing to either give them to you for free or sell them for a minimal cost. You'll have the best luck at hardware stores, motorcycle shops, home and garden suppliers, and power equipment stores. You can also look online at sites like Craigslist or Ebay if you don't have luck around town. Disassembl pallet Disassembling the pallets will be the most tedious part of the project. Remove the nails with a hammer, pry bar, or your brute strength, but be careful not to damage or crack the wood or else all your effort will be in vain. Organ As you're breaking apart the pallets, group the slats of wood by width. Different parts of the pallet will have different widths of wood and it is important to pair similar pieces together before beginning your headboard. Depending on the size of your bed, determine how wide you want the headboard to be. If you have a full size bed like myself, go 48 inches wide, making the headboard 6 inches wider than the bed, which will look more aesthetically pleasing than trying to match the width perfectly with that of your bed. DIY 1 2 3 b Laure Scrudat A Simpl Projec t Ad• Outdoor Styl t Your Hom After moving from the sticks of Sussex County to the hustle and bustle of Morris County, my boyfriend and I were looking for ways to bring our love of nature into our new home. This headboard wood pallet project literally brings the outdoors in and adds a touch of rustic elegance that is sure to be a conversation starter for any guest. The amount/size of materials is based on an 8-foot tall, 4-foot wide pallet headboard as seen in the photo. WHAT YOU NEED: STEPS Roughly 10 wood pallets (average size of pallets is 48" x 48") Liquid nail glue Finishing nails Plywood- 96 inches tall, 48 inches wide Hammer Skill saw Crowbar Sheetrock screws Drill Stain and polyurethane May I June 57

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