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explained to us what acupuncture really does, how it works and what's so unique about her treatment style of choice, Reiki. "Everyone knows acupuncture primarily for treating pain," Khosrowjerdi explained, "and acupuncture is great for that, but really what it is and what it does is treat the entire body, and you as an individual." Focusing beyond just the physical, acupuncture works to treat the mind, body and spirit as one unit and as we all know, each person experiences imbalances differently. Treating not only one's symptoms but the actual root of the problem is what separates acupuncture from most Western medicine. "My style of practice really focuses on the history. It focuses on birth, childhood illnesses, things that stay in the body and how basically, over time, our environment and our emotions shape how we form as people and how we heal." The idea behind any acupuncture session is to find those imbalances, and even them out. However, Khosrowjerdi believes that these issues can be cultivated from a time that we might not even remember, a moment that might have even been out of our control in which we are forced to deal with later on in life. An integral part of any acupuncture session is understanding one's past and present, a conversation that will ultimately determine what sort of treatment is necessary. Not only knowing one's medical history, but emotional state and overall well-being will give your acupuncturist the clearest picture as to what you need. "We ask a ton of questions. We go into the nitty-gritty details that most people don't even think mean anything. It's those things that mean everything to us. We can analyze everything down to the tone of your voice, a simple word that you say, it all leads us to that aha moment," Khosrowjerdi explained. Communicating and expressing yourself fully and accurately is an important role to carry out, but one that is essential in diagnosing and pinpointing what needs treatment and what the best approach will be. "I want to know how you feel in this exact moment, how your pain appears, and I want to know By Victoria Keenan & Abby Montanez HEALTH & WELLNESS July | August 2016 53

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