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e Farm at Glenwood Mountain is a hidden oasis at the highest point of New Jersey. e fresh, crisp air and breathtaking views will make you forget that you're still in the garden state. e 180 acres of land has a peaceful aura even with the pigs, turkeys, chickens and the rooster crowing at the crack of dawn. Steve and Candice Maclean, along with their five children, purchased the farm five years ago. At the time, the land hadn't been farmed in over thirty years. e family manages everything on the farm. From raising the animals, growing the organic fruits and vegetables, maintaining the land—everything. Eventually, the family decided to expand their horizons and open the farm to the public. ey slowly started to offer events such as private dinners and weddings, either outdoor or inside the recently renovated 1930s barn. en they decided to start hosting "true-farm-to- table" dinners throughout the season. All of the food they serve is derived from the farm itself. All the meat that the farm serves is raised right on the farm, on pasture, and raised humanely. ey never give the animals antibiotics or anything unnatural. Steve makes the feed himself using local, non-gmo grains. e animals are also never raised in confinement. At the beginning of each week, Steve goes out into the field and up into the pasture to write that week's menu. For dinner, the ambiance is warm and comfortable making guests feel like they're at home. Guests are presented with a four-course tasting menu when seated with an appealing table setup including a flower centerpiece, which of course are also grown on the farm. It is a BYOB restaurant, so guests are encouraged to bring beverages of their choice. V U E N J . C O M 153

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