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For the home office in Ho-Ho-Kus that Sharon designed, she centralized her ideas around utilitarian styles, discreteness and built-in details. is office feels more like a secret hideaway with its intimate decor and bits of comfort grasping every inch of the space. e space was added on to the house and has a carefully laid out staircase that leads into this impressive office. e space features a full office set-up, including a hospitality center which consists of a television and refrigerator, along with a striking, tiled, wood-burning fireplace. e office was built for a couple that wanted to work together, yet separately in the comfort of their own home. e layout of this office provided them with multiple areas set-up for them to be able to work together without getting in the way of one another. Functionality was key with this project, but keeping that sense of the coziness of being at home was still necessary. Having both a computer area, couch area and separate desk for non-computer related projects made it possible for this couple to get not only a practical home office, but a private, sanctuary-like space, right in their home. e office has a modern approach with angled ceilings and hints of red grandis. ere is a wall that lays underneath the angled ceiling that has what looks like a stack of cubes, but is actually a discreetly placed filing cabinet that uses the ceiling lines to appear hidden. is office has a prominent, vertical line pattern throughout, so an oval desk was used to soen the lines and create a focal point. Elegant, veined walnut cabinets encompass the space and create uniformed movement through minimalistic detail which complements the simplicity of the window treatments. e windows are covered with Roman shades which efficiently eliminates the glare from the room by filtering the light without blocking it. Incorporating sconces on the walls allowed for overhead and over-the-shoulder lighting, while omitting the need for floor lamps, conserving space and preventing clutter in this office. V U E N J . C O M 79

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